Who we are:

Planet People Waste Insights is a Los Angeles based waste reduction consulting company.

On our team are young professionals who want to make a positive impact through helping businesses, municipalities, and the planet. We are part of a growing community of small sustainability focused businesses with a focus on the triple bottom line: planet & people, then profit. In addition to our business activities, through education, activism, and art, we aim to shift society’s attitude towards, and perception of, waste: away from mass consumption and business-as-usual waste management, toward more environmentally and socially sustainable waste reduction practices.

With our years of experience in the field of waste and recycling services, we navigate through the tricks of the trade on your behalf. We live up to our name: we provide our clients with valuable insights into their waste streams that can lead to more sustainable waste management systems and lower costs.

The inspiration for our name comes from the 90’s environmental superhero cartoon, Captain Planet. Captain Planet’s “Planeteers” combine their unique backgrounds and talents to create a force that is greater than their power as individuals. Similarly, at Planet People Waste Insights we believe that the sum of our parts is greater than the whole. As a team of “Planet People” (a rough, less cartoony translation of “Planeteers”), we strive to do our part and take action that benefits both humanity and the planet.

Planet People Waste Insights is a certified Minority Business Enteprise (MBE), and member of the National Minority Supplier Development Council, California Resource Recovery Association, and Northern California Recycling Association.

What we do:

Planet People Waste Insights specializes in two areas: (1) waste assessments and audits for businesses, properties, and other organizations that seek to reduce costs and enhance sustainability initiatives through waste reduction, and (2) waste sampling and data collection field services for municipalities, environmental consulting firms, and other organizations conducting waste characterization studies. In addition to these services we offer creative solutions for a range of waste related projects.

Our value to clients:

Our clients stand to benefit financially, while benefiting the planet. Complementing these two core values, our clients’ demonstrated commitment to sustainable waste management programs can be leveraged into public relations opportunities and provide a boost to corporate social responsibility efforts.

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