Read about our successes with past clients.

Assessments & Audits

  • We recently worked with a 200+ room hotel located in the vicinity of the Disneyland Resort area in Anaheim, CA. Without changing haulers, we were able to immediately reduce our client’s monthly disposal cost by almost 10%, which equated to over $175 realized in savings each month. That’s over $2000 a year in savings, which is nearly as much they had been paying their hauler for one month of service.

  • We assisted a San Pedro hotel with securing a cardboard collector to remove the hotel’s cardboard waste stream. The client was having the issue of not having enough volume in their existing recycling dumpster, and no more space to place another one. Planet People Waste Insights arranged for scheduled pickups by a local independent collector, thereby solving the problem without having to order additional services from the client’s hauler.

Studies & Surveys

The following are examples of past subcontracted services provided by Planet People Waste Insights:

  • Assisting on a vehicle/driver survey of incoming traffic at a landfill for a CalRecycle statewide waste characterization study.

  • Staffing, assisting, and provision of equipment for on-going waste sampling and characterization services for LA Sanitation’s residential cart-based organics pilot study, “Curb Your Food Waste”.

  • Staffing a one week sort for a Stanford University campus wide waste audit.

  • Staffing, assisting, and provision of equipment for a one week corporate operational waste audit.

  • Staffing a waste characterization study for the City of Long Beach, CA.

Outreach & Education

  • In addition to assisting with the waste characterization studies, Planet People Waste Insights is providing ongoing assistance with the outreach component of LASAN’s “Curb Your Food Waste” pilot program.